Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Moteliers support action on 'boy racers'

I personally do not support any further legislation and would prefer that the Police administer existing laws to those actual individuals that are actually breaking them. Assumptions that police are restricted by current laws in stopping recurrent law breaking boy racers is a cop out.

Questions should be asked to our top cops as to why they are not on top of this problem.

Good on the Motel Association for adding comment to the debate - I may not agree with them, but it is good to see some mongrel!

Moteliers support action on 'boy racers'

Members of the Motel Association applaud any action taken by the police or the government to deal with the problems associated with so-called boy racers.

“They are dangerous and a major nuisance to the motel industry,” said Chief Executive Michael Baines today.

“The time for politically correct claptrap solutions to this problem is long past. Direct and positive action is now required.

"Motels are located on main roads, both to make them accessible to the travelling public and as a requirement of the planning strictures of some councils. They are also the moteliers' homes.

“The disruption by these 'boy racers' invades not only the comfort of our paying guests but also the homes of the moteliers. The stresses on the operators by both the impact on their businesses and their personal space has proved to be debilitating in many cases," said Mr Baines.

“Many of the Motel Association's members support the crushing of offenders’ cars.

“There has to be a real consequence for their actions when caught. As far as we are concerned there is nothing wrong with a strong deterrent.”

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