Friday, February 6, 2009

MANZ calls for more bureaucracy and regulation!

The Motel Association of New Zealand (MANZ) is an organisation that has had a proud history of providing advocacy on behalf of its members by promoting sensible business friendly solutions and self regulation.

Alarmingly in a philosophical U-turn, the "voice of the motel industry" is now advocating a new layer of bureaucracy and regulation for their members!

In a recent briefing paper to the Minister of Tourism, MANZ is promoting that Local Authorities should impose a mandatory "licensing regime" of all properties that offer short term traveller accommodation.

Why would they do this? Well ... in a knee-jerk reaction to punish alternative accommodation providers such as B and B's, holiday homes etc that operate from domestic premises, MANZ wishes to regulate everyone that provides accommodation - including its own members!

Are there less extreme measures that MANZ can promote? One would assume so. MANZ has previously pondered how alternative accommodation providers should be defined by Local Authorities in order to move domestic rated businesses over to commercial rating. The association has also advocated for the reduction in the commercial/domestic rate differential in previous submissions. Maybe MANZ should develop these themes further in order to promote more of a level playing field instead of creating collateral damage by demanding scatter gun regulatory measures.

With the apparent blessing from their representatives, moteliers should start preparing themselves for a yearly visit from their friendly clipboard wielding council representative. This will be swiftly followed by the mandatory compliance fee demand in the mail.

Someone should remind MANZ that Nanny State has been voted out and we now have a new regime.

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