Monday, February 23, 2009

New Motel Group in Australia and NZ

The Budget Motel Chain has expanded to incorporate three tiers of accommodation as well as taking on a new name, being the Arra Accommodation Group.

Budget – which is aimed at economy-conscious travellers and offers good, clean comfortable accommodation at below average rates – has been operating since 1978 and covers all Australian states and territories and both islands of New Zealand.

While it remains intact and has grown to incorporate more than 300 properties, the Arra Accommodation Group now also caters for those wanting mid-range and up-market places to stay.

Orbit Inns are three and a half star properties with the guarantee of greater room space and a series of affordable luxuries, while Paragon provides stylish, high-quality four star plus accommodation and is ideal for the corporate sector and discerning travellers.

Group General Manager Ross Luhrs says the three tier Arra structure ensures everyone interested in good accommodation is now catered for.

"Our properties can satisfy everyone from the budget to the executive traveller, from those on business trips to families and seniors.

"No chain has a greater depth of accommodation choices at prices ranging from $60 to $180 dollars per night. We are extremely proud of our range of independently owned and operated motels.

"In launching Orbit Inns today, we recognise there was a gap in the market and have now filled it.

"The Arra Group has done its homework and added greater space and more quality to its offerings,” Mr Luhrs says.

In order to remain an accredited property, establishments will need to meet stringent guidelines, which include regular inspections from quality assurance officers.

Arra Accommodation Group will release its first motel directory, listing the features of all its properties (complete with rates), on 1st April this year.

Bookings can be made now by phoning a free call number, namely 1800 811 223, while all Budget, Orbit and Paragon establishments can be found online at

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