Friday, July 31, 2009

The ‘Great Kiwi Invite’ tourism campaign

Better start making up the bed in the spare room!

One of the basic foundations of tourism, is for local communities to invite their friends and family from outside the region to come and stay with them.

This simple concept allows experiences of travel to be shared amongst a network friends and family. If the experience is good, others will follow by recommendation, however they will not necessarily stay with friends and family. We of course would suggest that they should stay in motels;-)

I like the ‘Great Kiwi Invite’ tourism campaign. The concept is uncomplicated and does not require publicly funded, ego enhancing and economically unsustainable infrastructure such as the national snail trial and the proposed Auckland conference centre.

The key attraction here is playing to our strengths and our Kiwi hospitality should be a winner. There is no doubt that friends and family hosted by their Kiwi cuzzies will have a fantastic stay in New Zealand and will depart as ambassadors.

Pity the supporting website wasn't active when I tried it.

31 July 2009

Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism John Key today launched a new campaign encouraging Kiwis to invite their overseas relatives and friends to visit New Zealand.

The ‘Great Kiwi Invite’ campaign, run by Tourism New Zealand, aims to increase the number of visitors to the country at a time when global economic conditions mean fewer people are travelling the world.

“New Zealanders are known as great travellers, and as a result so many of us have connections overseas,” Mr Key says.

“Whether it’s friends, family or people we’ve met during our travels, I want to encourage Kiwis to make contact with those people through the new campaign and invite them to visit New Zealand.”

New Zealanders will be able to go online to and send a personal animated invitation to someone overseas.

When the invitation is accepted, the person will go into a draw to win one of 15 trips for two to New Zealand, flying from any Air New Zealand port.

“Tourism is a major economic driver and has the potential to help get the country through the recession in good shape.

“Kiwis can play a part in getting people to visit New Zealand, boosting tourism numbers and providing positive spin-offs for everything from hotels and attractions to cafes and taxis,” Mr Key says.

The launch of the campaign comes as the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign celebrates its 10th anniversary.

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