Friday, July 24, 2009

Motel-room trash

The four low-life youths that caused $8,000 worth of damage to a motel room in New Plymouth appeared before a judge yesterday and received a mild slapping with a moistened bus ticket.

The judge took pity on one of the four hapless youths that had not attended community work for previous indiscretions by wiping existing outstanding fines and replacing this with ... further community work.

The consequences of 120 hours community work and repatriation that both appear to be too easy to dodge is out of sync with the damage, disruption and anguish caused by these criminals.

At the very least, these low-lifes deserve some quality time in a converted shipping container to reflect the error of their ways.

24 July 2009
Taranaki Daily News

Four young men who got drunk and trashed a New Plymouth motel room were advised to stop drinking if they can't hold their liquor.

In the New Plymouth District Court yesterday, Judge Rob Murfitt told the four 18-year-olds squeezed into the dock that they were a disgrace, would have to repay the damage and atone to the community for their actions.

Alex Glentworth, Sam Adams, Jaden Goldfinch and Trent Drake, all 18, had "behaved like animals" on July 4 after two of them booked into the Auto Lodge, drank alcohol for four hours, and caused damage to the motel room totalling $8000.

They had abused the receptionist when they were thrown out because of the noise complained about by others staying at the motel.

Their actions had brought shame on their families, the judge said.

"If you are that weak, don't drink. Alcohol is the root cause for the greatest amount of crime in the community."

The four, who pleaded guilty to wilful damage, were ordered to share repayments for the damage and attend 120 hours' community work. The judge replaced existing fines owed, totalling nearly $6000, with additional community work.

Adams, who is already sentenced to community work, was warned that if he did not carry it out he would go to jail.

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