Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beware Of Impromptu Fleshmobs!

We are fans of impromptu Flashmobs, however we have discovered another activity that has taken our fancy.

Keep your eyes peeled for "Fleshmobs" the next time you visit an airport. 

The following video shows German activists stripping off at the Berlin-Tegel airport in an ironic and amusing protest about the use of controversial full-body scanners .

The new full-body scanners use technology that is the stuff of every teenage boys wet-dream as the machines now have the ability to reveal the naked person lurking below every passenger.

We note that some media outlets are reporting an alleged growing concern over the devices that have been branded “virtual strip searchers”. Some may object because they are somewhat shy, however others as shown in this video are more concerned over perceived breaches in civil liberties.

We do not like the fact that the machines have been press-ganged into service in reaction to the embarrassing incident of the Nigerian man that attempted to blow up a US-bound jet on Christmas day. It could be said that this imposition has been a small victory for terrorism.

Any impediment to free travel concerns us and we hope that the new full-body scanners can use technology in a positive way by processing passengers more efficiently than before.

We believe that the sentiment of this protest is fairly isolated, as most people shouldn't be too bothered about a man sitting in a darkened room away from the processing area looking at an obscure digital photo of them before they board a plane.

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