Saturday, January 16, 2010

Scathing Review On TripAdvisor have have strict rules on only accepting recent accommodation reviews, however we where amused that the following guest review somehow snuck through.
A review received December 26 for a hotel in Bethlehem, PA:
After being ordered by Herod to go back to where we were born, I knew that this Hotel would be booked up, so I booked in advance.

However, after arriving late (the donkey had broken down) with my pregnant wife I might add, we were told that there were no rooms left! I showed them my printed online booking but they had no idea who the company I booked it with was.

After much debate they put us up in the BARN with the ANIMALS: ME, my PREGNANT WIFE and the soon to be born Son of God. The beds were filthy, it hadnt been cleaned in weeks and there was no room service after 10, it was 10.05 when we arrived after 3 days traveling.  The worst thing is the security issues, not only did they disclose our ‘room’ number but they even gave the strangers the key. Shortly after ‘my’ son was born they barged in ‘bearing gifts’.

Never again
Joesph and Mary

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