Monday, May 10, 2010

Motel "Complimentary Hot Breakfast"

For those motels that are looking for new marketing ideas, we see that Spoof Times have reported on an innovative way for motels to offer a "Complimentary Hot Breakfast."
Former guests of the Budget Inn and Travel Center of Wichita, Kansas are suing the hotel for failing to follow through on their advertisement of a "Complimentary Hot Breakfast" for their guests. "It was the main reason that we decided to stay there on our cross country trip," said Wayne Garth of Denver, Colorado.

When asked how the motel breakfast did not meet their expectations, Mr. Garth said "Complimentary means free, right? At least, that's what I always thought it meant. My credit card was charged for five $9 meals after we left. There is nothing complimentary about that!"

"Now, let's look at the word hot. They had powdered donuts and bowls of Fruit Loops or Cornflakes. That doesn't look very hot to me!"

Rahad Patel, owner of the motel, offered the following explanation: "When you enter our breakfast area, my daughter is standing there, thanking you for coming in. She tells people that they look nice, that she likes their clothing, or that they have cute kids. She is very complimentary to all of the guests."

"My daughter is also dressed in a string bikini while she does this. Even though I am her father, I must say that she is pretty hot. She is also a straight "A" student and is going to be a doctor."

"Breakfast was served by a very attractive girl saying nice things to people. That qualifies as Complimentary and Hot, doesn't it?"

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