Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Motella politician of the week" award.

Stop Press!

In a surprising development, a Labour MP has talked some common-sense and wins the prestigious "Motella politician of the week" award.

The Motella Blog is quick to make fun of Labour List MP and Tourism spokesperson, Kelvin "Little School" Davis, however we were surprised and somewhat impressed with a his recent plain-talking in the following press release. 
22 May 2010
Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

In the wake of an attack on three French tourists in Mangamuka, Northland by two Maori males, Labour Party Maori MP and Tourism spokesperson Kelvin Davis says he is sickened and ashamed of the way some of his own people treat visitors.

"It is totally opposite to our customs and values to abuse visitors, and these thugs don't deserve the right to be called Maori. We are a proud and noble people and these scum undermine that," Kelvin Davis said.

"Just yesterday I wrote an article for a tourism publication, urging the government to support Maori in tourism, saying we are a unique and vital element to the New Zealand tourism scene.

These mongrels simply undermine any attempts for Maori to get ahead in the industry.

"They will undermine those Maori entrepreneurs who are looking to open marae up to the influx of tourists expected at next years Rugby World Cup.

"This latest attack on tourists just jeopardises that whole concept, because no one will want to be hosted by a bunch of Maoris who in their minds are just going to smack them over and pinch their belongings.

"Those folk who were opening up their marae were adamant that tourists would have to follow correct tikanga or protocol. This incident by two brainless bums, demonstrates how pathetically hypocritical we are. One moment we have a group of Maori insisting visitors abide by tikanga, then the next moment we have another group of Maori trampling on tikanga as they loot and pillage our visitors. So much for manaakitanga (hospitality).

"Tourism is a job rich industry that is crying out for constructive Maori input. Thugs like this just keep Maori rooted at the bottom of the ladder to success.

"This latest incident is the latest in a long line of attacks on tourists in Northland over the last 4 years. Tourists are visitors, they take their experiences in New Zealand and share them with others.

"My message to those who prey on tourists remains the same. Cut it out, stop embarrassing us and watch out if you get caught."
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Never fear dear readers. Regular pinko bashing is scheduled to resume shortly :-)

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