Thursday, May 27, 2010 "Going For A Thong"

We note that Tourism Queensland is teaming up with and launching a new tourism campaign “going for a thong.”

It is interesting that seem to be actively seeking relationships with official tourism organisations in order to move inventory via its network. partnered with Tourism New Zealand last year and was criticised within Kiwi  travel industry circles for promoting "through the floor" sub-$99 deals and 50 percent-off stimulus promotions. and Tourism New Zealand again joined forces in April this year to promote New Zealand accommodation deals to the Australian market. The "Pick Your Pricepoint!" promotion proved to be less provocative amongst kiwi providers as it offered the public the choice of broad tariff bands to drill down accommodation deals.

According to publicity, the latest Queensland “going for a thong.” campaign "will see people save up to 60 per cent off their holiday." There is an irony that Queenland accommodation providers seem to be echoing concerns expressed by Kiwi providers last year about an official tourism organisation partnering with and endorsing a campaign that is based on slashing and burning tariff. 

A typical reaction from from a disgruntled straight-talking Aussie was posted on
"It’s a bit of a worry for the Queensland tourism industry when the body charged with promoting it scratches it’s head, shrugs it’s shoulders, and says “i dunno what to do, let’s just slash the rates and have a firesale on”
Quite - It will be interesting to follow how may be modifying future campaigns.

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