Monday, January 24, 2011

0800 Abuse

There are a few emotional trigger points for us moteliers.

One reoccurring bugbear are telemarketers that insist on calling us on our toll-free 0800 number.

An earnest young woman called me this evening representing Combined Insurance Services...and yes it was on my 0800 number!

I attempted to portray a calm professionalism, however I am a dyed-in-the-wool motelier and 0800 abuse makes my blood boil! 

Moteliers will know what I am talking about, however for those uninitiated that don't - (including the folk from Combined Insurance Services) just spend a little time thinking about it:
You are a "business person" hawking your wares, ringing a motel and speaking to the owner of the business on their toll free number - making them pay for the pleasure of your call! Would you call your other potential clients "collect?" 

For telemarketers like Combined Insurance Services that don't think and insist on phoning me on my 0800 number, the credibility of the company you represent immediately goes through the floor.

And the telephone conversation is usually brief!

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