Friday, January 28, 2011

Hosting Pearl Going?

We are unsure exactly who Pearl Going (full name: Sian-Pearl Going) really is, however we can confidently confirm that she is a 20-something fit blond with piercing blue eyes...

Although we note that there is much written about Going and there are a few flattering pictures of her gracing posing with minor "celebrities" scattered around various media, we still have no idea what she does?

A Google search reveals that Going is a sometime model and socialite that enjoys the camera and apparently has something to do with the fashion industry. Continuing our interview with Google we learn that  Going has been described as "the most gorgeous IT girl and socialite in New Zealand." We are unable to dispute this as we have no idea how this bold claim to fame could be measured. 

We also see that Google points to several unfortunate references that describe Going as someone that tends to overstate the truth...

Which is interesting if you contemplate a recent tip-off that claims disgruntled accommodation providers and other tourism folk have ingratiated Going with freebies on the premise that she is a credible travel writer.

We are interested to learn of other accommodation providers (particularly in the South Island) that may have graciously hosted Pearl Going recently.

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