Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Customer Is NOT Always Right

We’ve all heard the popular phrase, “The customer is always right,” but is it true? Can the customer always be right? We were sent a link to a website Not Always Right that allows readers in the customer service industry to tell the other side of the story by posting memorable and often hilarious tales from their experiences that prove, “The customer is not always right.”

Not Always Right is about leveling the playing field and providing some therapy for those of us who toil and sweat every day trying to juggle demanding customers and often unreasonable expectations. 

Here's one we liked: 

Me: “Good evening, guest services. This is ***, how my I assist you?”
Guest: “This is absolutely ridiculous! You need to get someone up here right now! This God d*** microwave in my room isn’t working! You had better fix this immediately!”
(Note: our motel does not have microwaves in our guest rooms)
Me: “I am so sorry, Mr. ***. I can certainly have someone come take a look at it right away. If I may ask, did housekeeping bring this microwave to your room?”
Guest: “No! It’s the microwave that is in the room! My nachos have been in this d*** thing for over 20 minutes and they’re not even hot yet!”
Me: “I see, sir. Can you tell me where it’s located in your room?”
Guest: “It’s the one that’s right under the television! I want my nachos and you better figure this out now!”
Me: “Sir, is this microwave an off-white color with a keypad on the right of it?”
Guest: “Yes!”
Me: “There’s not a little window like a normal microwave would have, is there? It’s just a little digital display screen, right?”
Guest: “That’s exactly it. It only displays how long I set the time for! I want my nachos 20 minutes ago. Can you get someone up here immediately?! This is absurd!”
Me: “Again, sir, I apologize that your nachos are not hot. However, I believe I’ve figured out what the problem is. The device you’re placing your nachos in is actually your safe.”
Guest: “Oh…oh my God. I’m so f***ing stupid!”

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