Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jasons New Launch

While there are pockets of motels trading extremely profitably, the motel industry as a whole seems to be facing challenging times.

Here's a bit of a heads-up of an exciting new initiative from Jasons Travel Media that are planning to fill a void in the market by offering moteliers practical tools and advice on how to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

The following press release will probably appear in the MSM from tomorrow:
Jasons Travel Media today announced the first details of a comprehensive plan to help its 1600 motel accommodation providers compete in an increasingly digital and mobile market.

Occupancy statistics in late 2010 show a worrying trend for NZ moteliers. Whilst occupancy is up by 2% (November 2009-November 2010) the increase has been almost all in the hotel sector.

Jasons Travel Media is working hard to support the motel industry in getting up to speed. “This is the era of technology in travel,’’ says Jasons CEO, Matthew Mayne. “Travellers are more techno savvy, and they’re looking for information not only in print, but mobile and online as well. Aside from providing what travellers are looking for, you have to make yourself visible to them when and where they’re looking.”

In addition to new and improved online, mobile and print listing and booking tools – of which details will be released later in 2011 – Jasons will be sharing advice and inspiration with operators. The new Jasons E-cademy™ – a series of six webinars available to moteliers who list with Jasons – will include strategy as well as practical topics associated with managing a motel business such as ‘managing your online inventory’ or ‘setting up a Google Adwords account.’ Strategy will come from industry experts, blending market intelligence with strategic decisions for marketing an accommodation property. The company is currently working with moteliers to build a curriculum that will work best for them.

“There is a perception that motels are lagging behind other accommodation options,’’ says Stewart Haynes, ‘Motella’ blogger and proprietor of the Teal Motor Lodge in Gisborne. “There is a genuine need for moteliers to up spec their skills in the latest travel technology, and at the moment no one is delivering an easy one-stop solution. I am excited about Jasons filling this gap in the market and are looking forward to checking out what’s on offer.”

Whilst motels are unique, being NZ-owner operated with plenty of unbiased local information, the trick, says Matthew, is getting the customer through the door. “Digitised accommodation options are not just for the big hotel chains. We want to promote the unique aspects of motels that hotels simply can’t compete with.’’

Jasons is also opening online booking opportunities up for some of NZ's smaller accommodation providers. Payments will be processed and delivered to providers the next business day after checkout. Jasons will also be the first NZ-based accommodation-booking site to offer travellers the option to pay by internet banking. To increase coverage online, Jasons will also be rolling their Holiday Guide users into Jasons.com and vice versa.
 “We will ensure that moteliers have every aid at their fingertips,’’ says Matthew. ‘’We want to help transition our clients into the digital age, thereby maximising what is unique about these NZ-owned businesses’’.


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