Thursday, January 27, 2011

60's - 70's Motel Urgently Required!

If you own an iconic motel in the Auckland region, he's an opportunity to hang-out with some hot leading Kiwi music-folk and broadcast the unique attributes of your property to an admiring audience: 
"We are doing a music video for Annabel Fay, who has Aussie idol singer Stan Walker guesting in the clip.

The shots we wish to do:

1 x exterior of Annabel walking out of a room, and getting into a car and driving off (Exterior shot) Stan Walker runs out pleading for her to return.

Time - 2 hrs max.

1 interior

We need a room to shoot Stan singing to camera - heartbroken. He will be sitting on the end of the bed.. and looking in the bathroom mirror.

Looking for a classic 60's 70's look motel, in the Auckland region. We do have a little bit of budget - so can pay a location fee, and will be low stress and professional. We would need to shoot the 3rd or 4th of Feb (end of next week)

Please call Marc on 0212985812 or email to'
Go to it!

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