Sunday, February 20, 2011

The 2011 Dirtiest Hotels

The Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels that are based on TripAdvisor traveller reviews is perhaps the most widely distributed and eagerly awaited accommodation survey. 
The hunger of a voyeuristic public gives TripAdvisor some excellent brand exposure, however not everyone is happy about TripAdvisor using its extensive database to expose unsavory accommodation. UK company KwikChex that offers businesses online reputation management tools have been making noises about legal action against TripAdvisor on behalf of its hundreds of hotel clients for some time.
KwikChex's main beef seems to be with negative customer reviews appearing on TripAdvisor that are claimed to be untrue, damaging or legally unsubstantiated however they are also not happy with the annual Dirtiest Hotels survey. 
It is difficult to evaluate if KwikChex have a legal case or have the necessary resources to take on Expedia owned TripAdvisor. It has to be kept in mind that KwikChex by going public with an elongated threat of litigation is gaining valuable publicity with a sympathetic group of accommodation providers and are highlighting their own services.
Overall we reckon that the exposure to the light of less-than-satisfactory accommodation options takes away the mystery and in fact exposes that the majority of accommodation providers offer enriching experiences for the travelling public.
Sometimes you need to expose the extremes in order to appreciate the overwhelming positives. And besides, all accommodation options that gained all top 10 positions in this survey are a world away from the array of fantastic accommodation options available in Kiwiland. 
To maximise exposure, this year, TripAdvisor have ranked lists of the top-10 dirtiest hotels according to region:

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