Friday, February 25, 2011

To Our Christchuch Moteliers

I have just returned home from Wellington where the cruel irony of the latest Christchuch quake has dominated a planned gathering with fellow moteliers.

Our thoughts are with those brave Christchurch moteliers that are battling-on with their businesses in an extreme environment.

Christchurch moteliers have prioritised cleaning-up the front-of-house in order to continue trade, while disorder reigns in their own homes. While most businesses remain deserted,  moteliers carry-on doing what comes naturally; hosting guests while offering support and empathy.

There are challenges of operating a motel with no water, some still have no electricity and provisions are now difficult to obtain, however moteliers are continuing to host guests to the best of their ability. 

There is the added stress to endure of managing the changing landscape of their booking sheets with future reservations made before the earthquake now vague promises that need to be reassessed.

While there is a calm professionalism in dealing with guests front-of-house, we can appreciate that behind the scenes away from the public gaze, moteliers are trying to restore order in their own homes, comfort family and minimise their own personal trauma.

Our thoughts are with you...

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