Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where is Pearl Going?

Remember Pearl Going?

Her full name is Sian-Pearl Going and is a 20-something fit blond with piercing blue eyes, sometime model, socialite that has dabbled in the fashion industry and has been described as someone that tends to overstate the truth... 

Pearl recently appeared in Dunedin claiming that she is a travel writer and had planned to make the most of southern tourism hospitality until she was sent packing when it was discovered that her guise of a credible travel writer didn't quite ring true.

The bizarre story has been retold in detail by the popular Whaleoil Blog and now we see that Pearl's antics have raised the heckles of successful travel and lifestyle journalist, Rachael Oakes-Ash that not surprisingly gets a little bitchy about pretenders in her industry.

Rachel wrote on her blog her version of the latest Pearl Going saga that included some helpful advice for tourism folk that host travel writers:
Tourism operators beware, just because someone has a blog and a digital camera doesn’t mean they’re a journo as one New Zealand tourism operator found out last week. 
We note that Rachel's well written blog post was also published as an article in the lofty Hotel and Accommodation Management website under the dramatic tile: New Zealand Hotels: beware of bogus travel writer 'Sian Pearl Going' 

Unfortunately we note that the article didn't last there long and has been taken down. Luckily Google has kindly left us a digital footprint: 

So why was the article removed by Hotel and Accommodation Management?

Were they threatened by Pearl Going's lawyers or was it taken down by management after it was discovered that the contents of the article were a little bit too racy and didn't quite fit the usual cut and paste tosh that is typical of form-written trade media?

I guess like the mystery that is Pearl Going, we may never know...

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