Sunday, February 6, 2011

Motella's Hospo Experience

One of my better accomplishments in recent memory was enticing Mrs Motella and the family along to Hooters for an educational evening.

As expected the food was absolute shite, however overall the Hooters brand experience was very slick and extremely well done.

When we arrived the place was packed and we were told that there would be an half an hour wait. Like a lot of American diners there was no waiting room inside (this was chock-full of income generating table space) so with a few other hopefuls we patiently waited outside. Our lovely waitress keep us posted during our wait and true to the Disney experience of always overstating the wait time we were seated within 15 minutes.

How Hooters manages to find a restaurant full of fit waitress staff in the land of the bulge is beyond me. They were all from the same mold - incredibly gorgeous, well spoken and very intelligent. The script during the evening was very professional and impeccably delivered. Impromptu song, dance and friendly banter with customers kept everyone entertained.

At the end of the evening we were escorted from our table to the cash register and along the way, our waitress managed to up-sell us a t-shirt and even signed a calendar for us. Wham-bam thank you ma'am the experience probably only lasted 90 minutes and our table was turned over before we even left.

The pinnacle of American capitalism almost brought tears to my eyes... 

So...the question I'm asking myself now is: How can I wrangle a family holiday over to the Maldives ??

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