Thursday, February 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen's iPad

We are fans of Charlie Sheen's method acting technique that ensures that his character on Two and a Half Men is believable. In fact, Sheen never seems to venture out of character with his real-life drinking, womanising and hell-raising.

Sheen is a loyal supporter of the accommodation industry as his off-screen career enhancing activities usually take place in a hotel.

Sheen's recent widely reported shenanigans took place at the the Plaza Hotel in New York where accompanied with a budding young porn actress, he proceeded to get drunk, high on cocaine and naked before trashing the room.

So why did Sheen choose the swanky 5-star Plaza Hotel above all others?

We reckon that the Plaza Hotel appealed to Sheen because every room has its own networked iPad!

Every iPad is installed with the Plaza Hotel custom app that allows guests to control lights in the room, change their heat and air conditioning systems, order room service, make restaurant reservations, request wake up calls, communicate with the concierge, and even print boarding passes.

From what we can gather from their website, a basic room at the Plaza Hotel is US$600 per night, however if you wish to surf the net on your in-room iPad you will be charged US$15 a day for internet (wired or wireless). 

What is unclear is if the iPads are complimentary -  like the soaps, shampoo and coffee sachets? 

So is it a coincidence that Charlie Sheen and his "Two and a Half Men" co-stars reportedly handed every crewmember an Apple iPad for Christmas last year? We wonder if each iPad had installed the Plaza Hotel custom app?

Intelity's ICE Touch Premiers at The Plaza Hotel from Intelity on Vimeo.

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