Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Motel Crimewave Crackdown

We have been recuperating from being victims of a one-man crime wave at our motel.

Under the cover of darkness a local scumbag was routinely entering our property and stealing pot plants belonging to my motel managers.

OK, so maybe flogging pot plants isn't the crime of the century, however it's a wee bit concerning having a low-life sneaky-thief lurking around in the middle of the night and I'm aware that petty pot plant crime can quickly escalate to something a little more sinister if left unchecked...

Anyway, this was an ongoing problem over several weeks and my managers were getting justifiably upset, especially as one of their nicked pot plants was reasonably sentimental - so they decided to try and catch him in the act. And they did!

After seeing a likely shadowy figure in the early hours fiddling amongst potted foliage, one of my managers discretely followed the sneaky-thief as he lugged one of their large pot plants from the motel to a house just a few doors away.

Having identified the sneaky-thief's lair, the police were called the next day and luckily it must have been a very slow crime-week as 3 cops turned up a few days later armed with a search warrant.

My manager enthusiastically accompanied the cops for the "raid" and was able to identify his 10 pot plants amongst an enormous collection that were probably amassed from late night trespassing other local haunts.

I wonder if the shock treatment of being awoken in the early afternoon and snaptured by 3 cops will really deter our illiterate sneaky-thief with a pot plant fetish from any future misdemeanours?

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