Friday, July 29, 2011

Tall Poppies

Having a difficult time of it lately? Is the multi-media exposure to natural disasters, shocking news stories and the endless tales of economic woe getting you down? 

Take time out and consider that there are always folk worse off than you.

Set the scene - It's a wonderful Summer's day. A gorgeous young woman is cruising the streets of Monaco in a shinny new $470,000 Bentley, the sunlight is making the adornment of her jewellery glitter and her blonde locks are gracefully waving in the breeze. 

We can only contemplate that the driver of the Bentley may have been distracted from looking at her reflection as she effortlessly flashed past designer shop front windows. Whatever the reason for the moments lack of attention, it all suddenly ended in the most horrible fashion.

We can imagine the chilling metallic sound as the Bentley abruptly ended its journey as it scraped against a $140,000 Mercedes S class and proceeded to ram into a $260,000 black Ferrari F430, a Porsche 911 worth $150,000 and a $265,000 Aston Martin Rapide.

Oh the horror! 

Sorta puts life into perspective...

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