Friday, July 29, 2011

Gotcha! Youth Transition Services

Good to see that WhaleOil has exposed our rant published last year about the social engineering being inflicted by Youth Transition Services upon unwieldy teenagers that can't be arsed going to school.

WhaleOil writes:
"Motella back in Octo­ber last year did a post about what he thought was the “nice to have” Youth Tran­si­tion Ser­vice that in his opin­ion “are enabling and encour­ag­ing a swelling under­class believe that they are spe­cial by not being arsed to front up at school”.

It looks like this post has now been dis­cov­ered by a Youth Tran­si­tion Ser­vice staff mem­ber doing a Google van­ity search and a link to the post appears to have been emailed to other YTS offices through­out the country.
From the patsy com­ments made on the post this morn­ing, the YTS folk are earnestly qual­i­fy­ing their exis­tence by adding some of their hand-picked unique perspectives.

I have to won­der though if Youth Tran­si­tion Ser­vices isn’t just a fancy title for puberty?"
The self-serving, illiterate, coordinated patsy comments from publicly-funded  YTS staff are amusing to read and it is great to see that a few of the vast army of VRWC readers of WhaleOil's Blog have kindly added a few comments to our original post in order to give these stooges a reality check. 

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