Monday, July 25, 2011

YouTube Assists in Travel Complaint

If you receive indifferent service in the travel industry, TripAdvisor is the most popular consumer go-to website to rant, however the production of a viral YouTube video appears to be hard to beat to get revenge and rapid resolution.

I've never heard of country music singer Dale Watson from Texas, however his Tiger Airways-has-done-me-wrong-song has proven a social media hit and has achieved getting resolution to his consumer complaint (and in the process has enhanced his professional profile).

Watson's hard-luck story was being stung a $500 excess baggage fee for a box of 120 CDs for a flight from Melbourne to Sydney that the airline lost and failed to pay him compensation. 

After investing four months trying to get a resolution, Watson created a music video mocking the budget airline as “We Don’t Careways” in a bid to get an apology and compensation.

And it worked...

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