Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Globally Confused Hotel Booking

Great heart-warming story on the front page of The Dom this morning about a South African couple being accommodated by an empathetic Kiwi, Linda Burke after they made a hash of an accommodation booking.

In the excitement of securing Rugby World Cup accommodation online, the hapless South Africans booked a two night stay in Majestic Hotel in Eastbourne, England instead of their intended domicile, in Eastbourne, Wellington.

Guests turning up at our motel looking for assistance to trace where they have booked happens on a regular basis and we spend a lot of time with these folk retracing their steps, trying to locate the property where they hold a reservation. While it is not unusual to get dates and domestic locations mixed up, we have never heard of guests getting the country wrong.

Judging by the indifferent reviews of the English hotel on TripAdvisor, the South Africans have had a lucky escape;-)

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