Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Staying At A Motel Near You?

Do you remember the flamboyant 31 year old ex-mortgage broker, Kerry Buddle that has been in the news recently accused of alleged dodgy mortgage deals.

We have been following closely the accusation that Buddle skipped from a motel without paying. 

It was claimed that Buddle stayed for six nights from in June at Motel 22 Lower Hutt and we can only guess how she may have played-out an alleged ruse of providing the motel with a useless debit card number instead of providing valid credit card details that could be processed for payment? I guess being an self-confident, well dressed lucid blond may have its benefits. 

As police continue to circle Buddle over allegations she owes clients at least $2.5 million in dodgy loans, today at the Lower Hutt District Court she pleaded not guilty to two charges of obtaining accommodation at a motel by deception .

Buddle's lawyer may need to demonstrate that his client had the intention and means to pay at the time of staying at the motel, whilst I assume that the hapless motelier will remain out of pocket?

I wonder where Buddle will be staying while she is remanded on bail before her next court appearance to defend the deception charges on November 4?

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