Thursday, September 22, 2011

Motel Meal Times With Nigella

One of the frustrations of running a motel is meal times. 

Motel guests seem to have an uncanny ability to detect when a hapless motelier is about to sit down and eat. Why the phone or motel reception buzzer will inevitably demand attention whenever a hot meal is placed on the table is a great mystery that I suspect will never be solved.

There are times when sitting down for a meal at the motel can become somewhat of a chore. I have a rule that dictates that if I get interrupted more than three times during a meal then the food gets binned. 

Sometimes I would happily pop a meal substitute pill (if there were such a thing) in order to avoid the rigmarole that can occur when attempting to prepare and ingest food while being at the beck and call of the travelling public. 

So I guess there is good reason why I have never been caught up in all this obsession with food and spending time laboriously preparing sumptuous feasts as dictated by television celebrity chef idols.

Until now...

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