Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's up with those silly car flags?

I've mentioned the insidious creep of My Family stickers that are defacing the rear windsceens of cars and have noticed another car adornment infliction that must be called-out.

OK, I get it! It's the Rugby World Cup and we are all feeling the excitement, however sometimes in the heat of the moment some of us lesser mortals are unable to think straight. 

The last time Kiwis had a flag obsession, we were 8-years old and were attaching chopper guards to a Raleigh Twenty. Now that we are all grown-up, we should realise that those hideous, tacky flags attached to cars flapping around are just plain silly. 

Attaching a $10 flag purchased from the Warehouse does not make your 20-year old Japanese import 4x4 people-mover look cool! 

I urge all those pride-deficient folk out there to desist with all this masterbatery car flag madness immediately! 

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