Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Motel Guest Idiocracy

Our friends over at the RoarPrawn Blog recently embedded a movie trailer, Idiocracy to make an opinionated point in a post about the alleged stupidity of two political figures.

I've never seen the movie Idiocracy and frankly are unlikely to in the future. The movie's ironic premise is that in spite of our supposed modern-age enlightenment and increasing access to information - humans are getting dumber. This appealed to me.

As a motelier I'm often flabbergasted by the "average" person's inability to communicate, read information without assistance, fill out a form or perform basic motor skills such as parking a car, opening a door or turning on a television. I have to keep reminding myself that one of the benefits of operating a motel is that I'm dealing with the elite of society. 99 percent of the guests that I host have a job, get out of bed most days and are reasonably motivated, professional people.

After many years in this industry, nothing much fazes me, however two guests in quick succession have made me scratch my ample forehead in amazement with examples of stupidity.

The first guest was a male sales-rep that arrived at my motel early and after the usual chit-chat started telling me his life story. I assumed my concerned psychologist meme and allowed him to talk at me. Turns out that he doesn't like being away from home - nothing unusual with that, but his concern was that his wife is having a wee melt-down after the 3rd child and is in the process of being stupidly taken-in by a cult lead by their next door neighbor. The poor disheveled sales-rep seemed to be having a small break-down himself and I actually felt quite sorry for him...(and his kids!).

If that wasn't bad enough I've got "Ghost Lady" staying at my motel again tonight. She will not stay in two of my rooms because upon previous occupations she was apparently visited by a mystic presence and experienced bad dreams. Tonight I have her booked in a room well away from the first two she previously occupied and for good measure her bed is pointing in a different direction.

Hopefully this will ward off any ghosts that may be temped to visit her in the night and disrupt her sleep. In spite of my efforts, if spirits visit her again tonight, I may have to resort to charging her for additional guests staying-over in her room.

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