Friday, October 12, 2012

Can Anyone Assist Richy Raw?

I received the following email from "Richy Raw". He is obviously a discerning gentleman that after much consideration has chosen my establishment for himself (and a couple of his pals) to come and stay.
From: Richy Raw []
Sent: Friday, 12 October 2012 9:25 p.m.
Subject: Booking
Importance: High
I wish to book reservation for three adults staying for eighteen nights (18), in three rooms.
It will run from 2nd December 2012 to  20th December 2012.
Therefore, calculate the total bill including breakfast and send to me swiftly so that I can make the payments and make the travel plans accordingly.
I also hope that you have credit card machine for billing. I will send the billing or payment details as soon as I get the total cost which will be in your reply. That is if the reservation offer satisfies my desire.

Best Regards,
Richy Raw,
31-33 Guildhall Street,
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 1QD ,
United Kingdom.
After using Google Maps and cruising down the stark narrow streets past Richy's modest abode in Suffolk, I soon understood why he must be keenly anticipating a pre-Christmas 18-day stint in the heart of provincial New Zealand.

Richy must get about quite a bit, as Google informs me that he often corresponds with other accommodation establishments requesting long-term stays for himself and his entourage across the globe. And after seeing copies of his other email accommodation requests posted all over the the internet, I note that jet-setter Richy seems to change his place of residence quite a bit as well?

One of his numerous other addresses he regularly uses in his emails is a car park for the Atlanta Braves Home Park stadium USA:


Unfortunately I find my self too busy to correspond with Richy, so knock your socks off....why not write your own response by offering Richy and his mates accommodation at your place. If your don't have a motel or hotel - no worries! I'm sure Richy and co won't mind bunking in your underutilised sleep-out, spare room or garden shed.

So drop Richy a line using his Philippines email address: - He'll be anxiously be awaiting your reply...and don't forget to send me any amusing email trial that will ensue.

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