Wednesday, October 24, 2012

iPad mini Xmas

What I admire about Apple is that they produce goods that we don't know we need.

The fact that Apple is so dominant and successful that it can afford to outrage eco-zelots by shunning Green Electronics Certification from its products in favour of design makes me love them even more...

Cue the release of the new iPad mini. It's like an iPad - but smaller. And like an iPhone - but bigger. I bet you didn't know you wanted one of these...but you do now!

Every Xmas at our motel is marked with what portable consumer items our guests turn up with. Last year it was definitely the iPad. In previous years its been remote controlled cars, skateboards, scooters etc.

I predict that this Xmas will be remembered for the iPad mini.

Hip mothers will be reading the Xmas edition of 50-Shades on their iPad mini by the pool, kids will be inside their unit using their iPad mini to online game with their mates, while Dad finds somewhere quiet to check his emails and reads the newspaper using his own iPad mini.....It looks like I'm going to have to raise the motel's internet data limit again ;-)

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