Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hotel Elevator Express

One of the great, under-appreciated features of a low-rise motel is the ability to park right outside (or close to) your guest room. Accessibility is a real bonus. You want to get out quick? - No worries. Just open your motel room door, take a couple of steps and bam! You're in your car and outta there!

One of the frustrations of a typically multi-level hotel are those pesky elevators that everybody else always seems to use at the same time as you..... You know the routine - you are in your hotel room and you want to duck down to the lobby in the morning to grab a quick breakfast bite before the conference commences. You think you've got plently of time...until you hit the line at the elevator on your floor where everyone is waiting for the rest of the hotel to evacuate at the same time.

Here's something that's currently doing the rounds of the internet that you may want to try the next time you're in a hurry in a multi-storied building:

I'm naturally suspicious and are calling bullsh*t on this, but invite you to find out for yourselves if this is an internet myth...or not.

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