Thursday, February 21, 2013

Whalers 1, Sea Shepherd 0

Great to hear news of the Japanese Whalers stepping up to the plate early this year by making a preemptive hit.

Yes, the Japanese are pushing the boundaries of harvesting a resource under the guise of scientific whaling, however they are legitimately in the South Sea and playing by the rulebook of international law - Unlike the rag-tag team of hypocritical pirates, lead by pathological liar, Paul Watson.

While we agree that whales are incredible, mystical creatures, we question the uninformed hysteria from groups with selective morality on harvesting natural resources.

It's interesting to read the media reports on the latest incident that parrot Sea Shepherd's claims that two of its boats were deliberately rammed. The more likely explanation is that Sea Shepherd illegally placed their vessels in the line of a powered-up Japanese vessel and faced harsh consequences - Diddums!

Funny how there is no video released by Sea Shepherd showing how those mean Japanese were at fault. Sea Shepherd, that heavily rely upon social media may have learned a valuable lesson from last season where video footage caught them out...

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