Friday, February 15, 2013

More Motel Car Parking

One of the many compulsive disorders of an average motelier is their obsession with car parking.

We have covered this fascinating syndrome in previous posts, including HERE.
"Most moteliers are obsessed with ensuring guests' cars are parked in an orderly manner, in the correct car park and exactly between the lines. Moteliers when showing a guest to their room have adopted their own unique gestures and hand signals to assist in the car parking process that is up there with the best of any New York traffic cop.

There are good reasons for a moteliers' obsession with car parking, as guests tend to get grumpy if they are unable to squeeze into "their" allocated car park or a driveway is blocked by other guests erratic car parking attempts;-)"
A fellow motelier (that has elected to remain anonymous) has sent in a picture of an amusing attempt to back into a motel carpark. We are reliably informed by the motelier after his scene investigation that there were no obvious signs why the vehicle came to a rest so wide of the mark. Weather conditions were favourable and the immediate environment was clear of any obstacles.

Please feel free to share your own examples:-)

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