Sunday, March 24, 2013

Did You Miss Earth Hour Too?

The trouble with running a small business is that you often become distracted and miss important events...this year we completely forgot about Earth Hour!

Apparently Earth Hour took place last night - did you miss it too?

We've always been a keen supporter. In our tribute post last year: 
"Get ready to ridicule those blow-hard, hypercritical eco-show-off "celebrities" like Lucy Lawless, Robyn Malcolm and Keisha Castle-Hughes. They all seem to have a bit of time on their hands between acting gigs, so expect them to jump on the bandwagon and spout eco-slogans in an attempt to raise their fading profiles.

Due to the continuing demands in Christchurch, we are unable to hire our usual diesel powered lighting towers that we have used before to bathe our motel in light during Earth Hour. Being public spirited, we still intend to do our bit. Lurking in the back of our motel shed, behind old toasters, kettles, beds and piles of other motel chattels past their used-by date, we have several of these items purchased last year:
"WARRIOR HALOGEN WORK LIGHT. These handy portable units come complete with carry handle and the 500 watt halogen bulbs are included."
Our motel will once again be a beacon of light ensuring that we confront anti-human globalised gullibility while celebrating the advancement of human prosperity."
Sadly our portable halogen light units have remained buried in our motel shed this year and like the rest of New Zealand, Earth Hour has passed us by without a wimper.

Spartan online reports around New Zealand suggests that Earth Hour has fallen out of fashion.

Have our earnest, young hipsters moved on?

Maybe we are running out of smug, hypocritical enviro-activists and other associated loonies that can be bothered turning off their lights for one hour in order to protest the delusional ideals of man-made global warming?

Our "celebs" also seem to also be deserting Earth Hour - maybe they are laying low to  avoid the risk of being ridiculed?

Amusingly, the best front person Earth Hour organisers could coax this year to front-up was heavyweight intellectual social commentator, Levi Hawken:

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