Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hot Babes At Murder Motels

Our good friends at the Murder Motels blog regularly delve into the dark side of the motel-world and get their kicks from staying at the most unusual, grungiest and trashiest roadside motels in America.

As they faithfully record their road-trips through the underbelly of dodgy American culture, the faded grandeur of once thriving motel businesses provide intoxicating centerpieces to their adventures.

While we enjoy reading about the dark side of motel culture, we appreciate that the good folk at Murder Motels do the hard yards and actually stay at these bizzare motels - readers are able to take a voyeuristic view from the safety of their computer screens without the worry of breaching hygiene standards!

While Murder Motels don't seem to have any difficulties regularly finding motels that have erred on the "dark side", we can at least be grateful that there are few examples of these domiciled in New Zealand :-)

From the early days, motels in America were associated with drugs, desperadoes, and declining moral values. Today, this notoriety continues with hard-core examples of "No Tell motels" that somehow seem to persist by diversifying into the heady budget long-stay market.

The most recent example of this ilk that is featured on the Murder Motels blog is the Jim Williams Motel in Grand Rapids, MI.

A 55 unit motel that features: "Full Kitchen, Direct Dial Phones, Bus Line, Weekly Rates, Super Clean & Reasonable Low Prices, Cable TV & Free HBO, Cable T V & Free HBO, All Air Conditioned Rooms..."
Delving into the dark recesses of the interweb, we were unable to find the motel's website (we doubt if they have one), but we did a drive-by on Google Street View and found a mixed-bag of guest feedback:  
"A great place for a great time!
Great place at a great price with friendly staff members you have got to try the food next door. The Place to be after 2 am".

"Acceptable emergency accomidations
For the For an emergency place to stay like a divorce or housing disaster where you have no does the job".

"A dump and unsafe place
Dangerous place, drugs and predators and murderers".
In their own provocative style, Murder Motels have managed to showcase the Jim Williams Motel in the best way possible:
"Yet another model shoot, this time with Jasmine and Jade in the Jim Williams Motel in Grand Rapids, MI. This motel was gross, but at least felt a little less serial killer-y than most motels found on Division Ave. in Grand Rapids. The room was also HUGE for some reason (with a tiny bed and a couple small chairs), which worked in our favor for the photo shoot.."
Better get over to visit our friends at the Murder Motels blog to check out how the rest of the photo shoot went: Click HERE

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