Monday, March 4, 2013

Disconnected Travellers

Google Glass
We've mentioned before:
" experiences (business or leisure) are often measured by the quality and availability of a wireless internet connection".
It seems bizarre that someone would go to the effort of travelling to all sorts of exotic locations (Hamilton, Palmerston North, Timaru etc) and spend so much time searching-out a wireless connection like a crack-addict, while being consumed with on-screen activity as real-world experiences pass them by.

I'm often amused by the now often occurrence of a guest zig-zagging their way into our motel reception with their eyes glued to a mobile device as they are about to check-in. While the guest's one hand is clutching said mobile device the other hand slaps a computer printout of their online reservation confirmation upon the reception counter. 

My well-rehearsed warm greeting is often ignored and an "awkward silence" ensues that is only broken by the actions of the mute guest shuffling the reservation form across the counter closer to me.

At this stage, a mischievous voice inside my head is screaming to channel my hero Basil Fawlty, however common-sense kicks-in and I assume professionalism by introducing myself and naively asking "how can I assist you".

Another scenario that slightly differs from the above is when the guest places their mobile device upon the reception counter with the reservation confirmation glowing from the screen and without a word spoken, stares blankly at some unknown object behind me.

Luckily Google are currently road-testing Glass. Essentially this is a heads-up display that projects smart phone like information onto the inside lens of some nifty looking glasses.

The main benefit of this device would appear to save the users' neck by eliminating the necessity of staring downwards all the time towards a hand-held screen.

Wearing a Google Glass device will soon enable the users to stare right through a hapless receptionist while they view more interesting dynamic information millimetres from their eyeball.

Watch out for even more disconnected travellers wearing these devices from early 2013:

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