Thursday, March 21, 2013

TripAdvisor Partner With Samsung

The next big must-have consumer item will soon be the Samsung's newly updated hero smartphone, the Galaxy S4.

Several years ago a consumer product with a tagline "Life companion" would be naff and kinda sad...however smartphones are becoming such an essential part of many people's lives that this proposition would seem to be widely accepted now without question. Many of us habitually carry a smartphone or have access to one close by. We have rapidly changed into a culture that is always-on and always-connected - this is especially applicable with travellers that crave for information as their environment constantly changes around them.

Probably even more impressive than the features of the new phone itself, is the speed and efficiency of an incredible distribution network that is required to move these items from the factory into the hands of eager consumers. From the end of April this year, millions of the latest and greatest Galaxy smartphone will be dumped upon retailers and quickly snapped-up by end users.

Bedazzled consumers will soon be marveling at the bigger screen, slimmer profile, improved camera, faster processor and a long list of new how-did-I-live-with-out-it-before capabilities.

A feature that is well down the list of the Galaxy S4's new trumpeted features, is somewhat significant to the accommodation industry: TripAdvisor, will be the only pre-installed travel mobile app on the new Galaxy S4.

Sure, consumers will always be able to easily download other travel apps...and many of them will download thousands of others that are readily available. However, estentially the average consumer is lazy. They tend to use and accept decisions that are made for them...including the placement of pre-installed apps. Default settings can be used as a very a powerful tool that significantly influences consumer behavior.

So far, growth of TripAdvisor's app has been growing at a rapid rate. Since its release in 2010, TripAdvisor claims that their mobile app has had nearly 30 million downloads. Smart partnerships with companies such as Samsung will ensure that the use of TripAdvisor's app will be given a significant power-boost.

Overall, the Tripadvisor Juggernaut is showing no signs of flat-lining. Earlier this month, TripAdvisor announced that it is the first travel site to reach 100 million reviews and opinions – a more than 50 percent increase year-over-year.

A good bet would be that the phenomenal growth rate of use and acceptance by consumers of TripAdvisor as part of their usual travel decision making process is likely to continue for some time yet...

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