Friday, March 22, 2013

New Motella 2013 Season Merchandise

We are pleased to announce that you finally have the opportunity to display with pride the mark of the Motella Blog by purchasing our new Motella Merchandise range that has been updated for the 2013 season!

Many weeks ago we engaged a third world sweatshop to update our exclusive range of Motella Merchandise with a specified level of quality fit for our dear readers discerning tastes.

After a long wait, we have just finished unloading a large container that recently arrived at the Motella secret lair.

You'll be delighted to know that our motel shed's mandatory contents of cleaning chemicals, carpet off-cuts and those old toasters, kettles and clock radios that no longer work have been cleared to make way for dozens of boxes bulging with exciting new branded Motella product.

You will find a "Merchandise" tab that will lead you to exclusive Motella Merchandise permanently displayed at the top of this blog.

Click the "Get Widget" link below to place this widget on your website or blog!