Friday, December 12, 2008

AA's industry insights

The December AA Advertiser Newsletter has results of consumer research carried out by Saatchi and Saatchi in November 2008. A broad mix of Kiwi consumers were contacted and the following key insights were gleamed so far:
  • Kiwis don’t mind spending time researching NZ travel online if it saves money
  • Kiwis will book NZ travel sooner rather than later if they perceive this to be cheaper
  • Offering a free meal, e.g. breakfast, is a great purchasing incentive
  • Although there is a group of Kiwis that prefer to fly, the majority of Kiwis don’t mind the drive – even when they take into account the cost of petrol
  • Travelling with kids is perceived as hard work unless we make it really easy for them by providing options for kids or by influencing the perceptions which hold them back
  • Kiwis genuinely want to travel more around New Zealand but require a prompt to do so, e.g. a public holiday, long weekend or event

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