Sunday, December 21, 2008

The wrath of the Motella

4 Whakarire Avenue NAPIER

Moteliers can sometimes make it too easy for guests to gain credit. We do so out of good nature and to provide "good" customer service. In our business we make decisions based on gut feeling, without qualification and most of the time we get it right. Sometimes we get it wrong.

Times are tough, however it rackles me when people try to avoid me, lie and make promises they do not keep.

On behalf of my motel managers, I have been chasing a debt from:

C J L Builders Ltd

The directors are Christopher and Leeanne Winterburn.

Mr Winterburn stayed at my motel and owes me money. He has promised to pay on several occasions but sadly has not delivered or had the courtesy to contact me to explain why.

C J L Builders and Mr & Mrs Winterburn have been registered at Baycorp and will be soon getting a visit at their residence (pictured above) from our debt collectors.

I would suggest that you are wary of any dealings with this company and its directors.


We are pleased to report that Mr Winterburn has finally paid his obligation with us in full after 9-months.

We will not be dealing with Mr Winterburn or his company again. We suggest that you make up your own mind, if you wish to have any business arrangements with him in the future.

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