Monday, December 15, 2008

TIA sent away to try again

Tim Cossar, head of Tourism Industry Association (TIA) after a couple of trial runs, gave the first official briefing to the Ministry of Tourism last week. Associate Minister,  Jonathon Coleman stood in for Tourism Minister, John Key.  

With the background of global recession, Cossar has been reported as demanding up to 38% more public funding for Tourism.

The previous government were happy to respond to perceived need, rhetoric and public opinion, however the current government appears to have adopted a business culture and is focused on a return on investment for taxpayers money. Go figure!

John Key does not seem to be impressed with headline grabbing one-liners and prefers suitors to speak the language of business. Through his Associate Minister, Key has sent Cossar away to do some homework. Key has issued the TIA a challenge to return to the Ministry with a business case that includes clear quantifiable goals.

The TIA will need to rapidly transform itself from a tourism trade union into a professional and credible representative of small business.

We wait with baited breath to learn what TIA's  response will be ...

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