Monday, December 22, 2008

"Don't be a busy fool!"

"I used to give the biggest discounts in town"

For many moteliers, the 2-week build up to Xmas is generally quiet and allows preparations for the busy season ahead. For most, the holiday season will commence on Boxing Day.

While we are in a reflective and preparatory mood, the one message we would like to share with fellow moteliers going into the uncertainties of 2009 is:

"Don't be a busy fool!"

This was one of Maree Winter's favorite sayings. Maree is an ex MANZ President and during her reign she ensured that all moteliers within earshot got this simple parting annotate.

As an industry we work hard, very hard, but often the rewards elude many. Quite simply we are too cheap. By world standards a typical "New Zealand motel apartment" offers incredibly good value.

Motel tariff has not kept pace with the rate of inflation for many years.

Why is that? There are many reasons that we will not go into here, however the blame can probably be apportioned more to the motelier's naive reluctance to increase tariff, more so than the market's reluctance to pay. Moteliers are the industry's own worst enemy!

Look carefully at the cartoon above. Hold firm and add value to your business. As moteliers, what you are offering is world class product. Don't forget yourself - how much are you worth? The effort and hospitality that you pour into business to ensure guest comfort is huge - don't undersell yourself! Don't be afraid to increase tariff and...

"Don't be a busy fool!"

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