Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Motella's Xmas Supper

I went out to a wonderful meal with a bunch of other "motellas" this evening.

It's always great to share a drink, good food and relax amongst others in the motel industry.

I enjoy new learning new catch-phrases and this evening I came home with one that I will try and slip into conversation over the next week. I'm not too sure how I can do this, however I don't mind a challenge.

The catch-phrase was: "Alternate Drop"

The restaurant had a three course set menu for our group with a choice of two dishes for each course. Each time a course was served, the two dishes were served alternatively to each diner at the table.

Inevitably a bit of negotiated swapping occurred between diners at the beginning of each course, however in an odd way it seemed to work - No orders were taken and the set menu as was served in an "Alternate Drop" fashion.

Just goes to show that you never stop learning...

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