Monday, October 12, 2009

Accommodation Stats Are: "Steady As She Goes"

Statistics New Zealand have today released the accommodation survey results for August.

In order to prove that we are an optimistic lot, the motel sector can extract some positives from these results. The motel sector can be pleased with its relative performance of all accommodation sectors by following up from a modest guest night gain in July with a more solid result in August.

The results for August 2009 must be kept in perspective as these are being compared with last years low base, however we can at least content ourselves that the figures are heading in the right direction.

Total guest nights in all short-term commercial accommodation sectors are more or less the same in August 2009 compared with August 2008.

When compared with August 2008, guest nights in the North Island were down 3 percent and
the South Island up 4 percent. Regions that are on the main skiing routes seemed to return better results than those regions that are not.

Seven of the 12 regions recorded more guest nights in August 2009 compared with August 2008, with the following regions showing the largest increases:
  • Otago, up 22,000 (6 percent)
  • Canterbury, up 14,000 (4 percent).
The regions showing the largest decreases were:
  • Auckland, down 32,000 (8 percent)
  • Bay of Plenty, down 10,000 (6 percent).
Short-term overseas visitor arrivals to New Zealand in August 2009 were down 1 percent from August 2008.

In August 2009, four of the five accommodation types had more guest nights than in August 2008. The best news was that the largest increase was recorded by the motel sector, up 7,000 (1 percent). Backpackers/hostels showed the only decrease, down 16,000 (5 percent).

In August 2009, hotels continued to enjoy the largest share of total guest nights (39 percent), followed by motels (35 percent), and backpackers/hostels (14 percent).

Hotels had the highest occupancy rate (49 percent) of all the accommodation types in August 2009, followed by motels (41 percent), and backpackers/hostels (32 percent).

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