Sunday, October 25, 2009

World's 10 Best and Worst Hotel Bathrooms

The bathroom experience has become increasingly important in the accommodation offer that can make or break a guests' experience. This is an area where the guest intimately connects with the room, so it has to be right.

The following "Best and Worst Hotel Bathrooms" have been sourced from TripAdvisor.

Click on the links to view further actual guest comments:

1) "I cannot believe the Board of Health keeps this place open..."
Fun Spots Hotel at Fountain Park Kissimmee, FL, USA

2) "gold swan faucets, ...truly over the top" 
Hotel Ritz, Paris, France

3) "the bathroom is bigger than the bedroom... choice of indoor/outdoor shower..."  
Bulgari Hotels and Resorts Bali Bali, Indonesia

4) "poor hygiene conditions... the toilets are in bad shape ... "
Singh's International Hotel Bombay Mumbai, India   

5) "the bathroom has one mirrored wall and another of glass with..."  
The Regent Beijing , China

6) "Showering outside with the mountains as a backdrop was wonderfully decadent..."
The Horizon Hotel Palm Springs, CA, USA

7) "...toilets with warmed seat, lots of jets and then self flushes..."
Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, Japan

8) "...bathroom wall. Is there a rat? Who knows?..." 
 Hotel Merryl Paris, France

9) "The bathroom is huge and very modern... even has a window looking into the bedroom..."
EPIC Hotel Miami, FL, USA

10) "The bathroom was a complete wet area with a huge wooden tub and two showers..."
Bon Ton Resort Langkawi, Malaysia

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