Thursday, October 22, 2009

Motel Given a Fair Go

This is a picture of Sue Erasmus.

She was the star of last night's TV program, Fair Go. This plausible South African, self-proclaimed business woman claims to be a immigration and employment consultant. She enjoys using the services of motels and then leaving dud cheques upon departure.

Sue Erasmus is no stranger to attracting attention to herself. She has appeared on television before in a bizare story about her placing an ad on TradeMe looking for a date to accompany her to the Melbourne Grand Prix. See the video of her appearing on Close Up HERE

 Her latest MO is to arrive at a motel in a older beat-up vehicle, claiming that her BMW was stolen. She dresses as a business woman and requests a room "down the back" to interview important clients. There is a steady stream of male visitors that interact with Erasmus in her motel unit with the curtains drawn. Hmmm...maybe moteliers have good reason to be somewhat suspicious. 

After staying at the Camelot Motor Inn in Hamilton, Erasmus leaves behind a worthless cheque for $700.00. The plucky motel proprietors, Warren and Maggie Anderson contact Fair Go after realising they have been done.

What follows next was a brilliant set-up by Fair Go that used the moteliers to pose as prospective clients of Erasmus's TradeMe auction for a camera.

The scene that drew Erasmus outside her Bucklands Beach home to be confronted by the moteliers is hilarious.

Days later, Fair Go received a disturbing phone call from an unknown South African woman that sounded vaguely familiar, claiming that Sue Erasmus had committed suicide.

Luckily, this phone call proved to be somewhat misguided as Erasmus paid up the $700.00 to Camelot Motor Inn some time later.

Well done to Warren and Maggie Anderson that had the gumption to front-up.

It is frustrating for businesses that bouncing a cheque is not a criminal offence, as it is often difficult to prove intent. We suspect that there are many other motels that have been stung by Sue Erasmus living out her fantasy life.

There will need to be a co-ordinated approach to gather other victims together. We suspect that there will be a very good case to convict Erasmus of fraud, once the volume offending is uncovered.

Click on the full Fair Go episode HERE

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