Saturday, October 31, 2009

A walk on the wild side of the motel industry

From time to time we like to take a walk on the wild side of the motel industry.

We are not ones to actually get down and dirty ourselves, so we use Google Earth to explore the basement of motel culture from the comforts of the Motella Corporate HQ. 

Thankfully, the motel extremes are found far away from our own sanitised industry in New Zealand. 

As we traveled in cyberspace we stumbled across the Bridge Motel situated in the Marina district, San Francisco. Quite frankly we could not have hoped for better! 

The pictures below tell a thousand words, however according to a court order filed by City Attorney Dennis Herrera, the Bridge Motel has an impressive array of violations including: roaches, overflowing dumpsters, illegal drugs, counterfeiting and unregistered sex offenders as guests.

The Bridge Motel is nestled in an area that has been described as "urban blight at its best." Crack heads, meth freaks, pimps and whores make up an diverse cultural experience of humanity at its lowest ebb.

I feel like I need a shower...

Hey the Bridge Motel doesn't look too bad, with its Spanish Mission Art Deco architectural street style. (Napier moteliers may wish to correct me on my architectural interpretation?)

We like the indoor/outdoor flow. As an added bonus it looks like the strategically positioned dumpster is violation free and has been emptied today.

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