Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jasons leading from the front

We note that Jasons Travel Media are creating a good profile in the MSM with several media releases hitting the mark.

One recent example was a Jasons survey HERE that quizzed Kiwis on their holiday planning habits has sparked media interest and a wider story on forward accommodation choices/bookings.

It's good to see Jasons CE, Matthew Mayne feature in the company's press releases.

We like Jason's recent bold appointment of CE, Matthew Mayne. He fills in some big shoes left behind by original Jasons founder, John Sandford and former CE, Stephen Joyce that left the position to pursue his high profile political career.

If the ghost of past CE's is not daunting enough, Mayne will need to manage a print distribution company moving into a digital era. He will be balancing the wants, needs and perceptions of shareholders, a charismatic board, the traveling public and a diverse range of advertisers dominated by Ma and Pa moteliers. Multitasking and cat herding skills will need to be honed.

We all know that moteliers can be a high maintenance and difficult audience. Often a motel business is the operator's first business venture and a lot of time is spent grasping the concept of running a small business. The value of Jasons offer can be sometimes difficult to understand by the flow of motel operators that move through the industry. The psychology of a motelier is wired a little differently to other business operators in other sectors. Business decisions are often based on "what others are doing" emotion and perception. Mayne will need to tap into this audience by maintaining a positive profile and understanding what makes them tick.

Now that Mayne has had time to warm the chair and learn the ropes, we look forward to seeing some of his personality emerge in Jasons future communications.

After meeting with Matthew Mayne recently, we were impressed with his steely determination and knowledge of the motel sector. We think he has the right stuff to lead Jasons into a new era and will be following his progress with interest.

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