Sunday, February 14, 2010

Has Motella Become A Campervan Cuddler?

We have been guilty of posting "ban the van" type posts before. For us, there is nothing more satisfying than posting a video of a caravan blowing up or crashing.

We are unashamedly self-serving and have intolerance for alternative forms of accommodation such as campervans, caravans and all other forms of camping. We often poke fun at "motel-dodgers"and often wonder why some people are not aware that motels should be used for holiday accommodation purposes!

We may be one-eyed, however we believe that the enlightened members of the public drive cars between motels while on holiday. Only a special class of person clogs the highways and visually pollutes the scenery with dingy mean-spirited campervans and caravans.

However, we now find ourselves having to briefly remove our tongue from our cheek and defend...*gasp*...campervans!

We were amused to read in the headline in yesterday's New Zealand Herald: Otago Conservation Board wants a national ban on campervans. 

Surely this is an enlightened idea? Er...No! While we enjoy poking fun at the self-sufficient accommodation fraternity we treat do-gooders wishing to impose bans, licensing and regulation on the tourism industry with disdain. 

I have mingled with Conservation Boards before and after looking up the members of the Otago Conservation Board on the internet have determined that there appears to be a certain type of numpty attracted to these positions. 

Typically they are non-producing, professional committee seat warmers dominated by academics, school teachers, governmental bureaucrats and city councilors that have never worked in the private sector. These earnest, condescending types are quick to tell others what to do.  Their usual attire is a beard, high waisted shorts, socks & sandals and they are often not afraid to dodge deodorant.

We agree with AA Tourism CE, Peter Blackwell that said: " a general call to ban camper vans in New Zealand was absolute lunacy." 

We suggest that the Otago Conservation Board focus on their possum breeding program and get a grasp of real-world reality. 

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